World Diabetes Day 2021

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World Diabetes Day 2021

A story (link to video on YouTube) about type 1 diabetes, a story about hypos and hypers, a story about children and young adults with type 1 diabetes who are fulfilling all their dreams, a story about an invisible chronic disease with enormous physical and psychological impact, a story with a lot of misunderstandings, a story for which a lot of research is still needed to arrive at sustainable solutions, a story that requires ATTENTION...

In the coming weeks we will be in the press and audiovisual media, share this with your entourage and circle of acquaintances... your network is extremely important to give this campaign the necessary publicity and to find new partners and sponsors who want to invest in high-quality scientific research into type 1 diabetes.


We would like to thank the Lions Clubs of Deinze, Kortrijk, Izegem, Sint-Martems-Latem, Tielt, Waregem, Waregem Ascot and Zwevegem for making this campaign possible.

14 11 2021