Do a head roll for diabetes 2022

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Do a head roll for diabetes 2022

The lives of all people with diabetes, young and old, are often turned upside down. To draw more attention to diabetes, the Hippo & Friends type 1 diabetes fund, in collaboration with the Diabetes League, has devised a playful action. Do a head roll for diabetes during the Diabetes Awareness Month and support the research.

In this way you encourage people with diabetes. Their lives often feel like a roller coaster.

Watch the video

Why this action?

  • Highlighting all forms of diabetes
  • Getting type 1 diabetes out of the unknown
  • Fundraising for scientific research (1 euro via Payconiq)

What do you have to do?

  • Film your head roll
  • Tag @hippoandfriend and @diabetesligavzw on social media (Facebook and Instagram)
  • Use the hashtag #koprolvoordiabetes
  • Challenge 3 people to also carry out a head roll and support diabetes research.
  • Support the research with 1 euro via the QR code of Payconiq by Bancontact.

Let your creativity run wild! Do a head roll with classmates at school, with your colleagues between the desks in the office? Maybe you can do something fun with your youth movement or sports club? Involve friends and family, because you don't have diabetes alone.

Support the research with 1 euro via Payconiq

QR code Payconiq

Scan the QR code and you will automatically be redirected to the Payconiq by Bancontact app or your bank app to transfer 1 euro for the scientific research into diabetes.

Do you want to support this action for more than 1 euro?

Support us via the action platform of vzw Hippo and Friends (no tax certificate);

Make a donation to the Hippo & Friends type 1 diabetes fund (tax certificate from 40 euros per year);

Do you wish to sponsor as a company? Please contact us at 

Thanks to Veronique Theugels for the beautiful illustration of Hippo performing a head roll.