Stories By Mabel - Lieke

"You explain how you felt bad during class already, how you took Dextrose there and then, but how you did not want to take extra food, as there where kids in the room who do not know you have type 1 diabetes. You feared they would argue 'if being ill is about eating biscuits, I'll take your illness'. You gambled, by not correcting your blood sugar level."

Julie Leriche

"Learning to accept that you have a medical condition, invisible to the outside world, that very few understand, gave me more peaceful mind. As Australians would say it: Such is life, it is what it is."

Sugarplum Children - Jubie Wigan

"If I look back to those early years, I don’t know how I coped. I probably haven’t slept through the night since that day, when Aliena got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. You’ve always got one ear open."

Snowflakes in January - Jillian Angermeier

Thank you for asking us to write a bit of Hudson’s story! It’s about the feelings we had at the beginning of his diagnosis with type 1 diabetes.

Happy Bob - Jutta Haaramo

"Diabetes management is really complex. No wonder there are many who know the mental burden of diabetes far too well. But being stressed about your condition does not help you to take any better care of yourself. Rather, our family noticed that humour and positivity did help. Noticing the small wins (“oh, your blood glucose was really good at school today - well done!”) made a big difference."